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About me

I'm a Full Stack web developer. I have over a year of experience in building web applications as well as helping businesses create visually stunning websites to attract more potential customers.

I utilize my creativity and knowledge into my passion by creating a product that can give satisfaction and admiration to others.

As a Full Stack Web developer, I have chosen this career path to assist individuals and businesses in expanding their operations through my expertise.


  1. Full Stack Developer at Future Analytics Ltd (Freelance)

    December 2023 - March 2024

    • Build and design web applications using NextJS and Wix.
    • Implemented Wix headless CMS with NextJS to control all content and design of the website.
    • Maintained and enhanced the company website.
    • Implemented Mailchimp to the website for mailing list.
  2. Full Stack Developer at Future Analytics Ltd (Full-Time)

    February 2023 - November 2023

    • Contributed to the company’s increased web traffic through the creation of visually appealing web applications
    • Took charge of designing graphics and templates using Figma.
    • layed a crucial role in both conceptualizing and building the company’s landing page, ensuring a strong online presence using Next.js.
    • Developed an internal tool to streamline the gathering client requirements, enabling seamless transactions using React.js, Express.js and MongoDB.
    • Implemented dashboards enriched with insightful metrics, Integrating Power BI REST API for data visualization.
    • Incorporated interactive dashboard charts using ChartJS, and managing events efficiently, and maintaining state through Redux toolkit.
    • Developed robust secure APIs using the tech stack comprising NodeJS, Express, MongoDB and Firebase ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.
    • Implemented RBAC (Role Based Access Control) features for web applications.
    • Provided HTML and CSS tutoring for the Data team.

My skills




Spring Boot



Node JS

Express JS




Prisma ORM


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